Podcast 1430 July 26, 2014 : inGAGEing Women in Business and Granny's Twitter Adventure

Show Notes:

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inGAGE: Training Women in Business Leadership

Rachele DownsRachele DownsRachele J. DownsRachele Downs, VP of Entrepreneurial Strategy Inforum and the Inforum Center for Leadership explains how budding female entrepreneurs in Michigan can get a head start on the competition through inGAGE which provides training and networking to women who are launching a new business venture or having been established.  inGAGE is Inforum Center for Leadership’s strategy to position Michigan as the Midwest hub for high-growth, high- tech women entrepreneurs.

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Inforum Center for Leadership Awarded Renewed Funding from MEDC for Entrepreneurial Strategies

inGAGE: Positioning Michigan as the Midwest Hub for High-Growth Women Entrepreneurs 

Emily Hay

Emily Hay, CEO of Hay There Social Media and our Social Media expert shares what she gained from inFORUM until a certain little bundle of joy put things on hold for a while!

Ainsley McKenna


Grandma Gets Social Media, With a Passion

Natalie Yellin76 year old Farmington Hills resident Natalie Yellin made national headlines last fall when she became a “goodwill ambassador” for Square, a San Francisco-based company that operates software allowing virtually anyone to send and receive payments. Natalie is absolutely unfazed by the Internet, social media and all its intricacies.  Maybe you should be too!

Story in Oakland Press by David Phillips about Grandma Yellin’s Tweeting Adventure.

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MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan

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Bonus Item!

Galaxy S5

Foster’s Review of the Galaxy S5 Smartphone 


Hour 2        Answering Listener Questions:

Gary, Ed, Foster

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Click Here to Listen to Hour 2 Q&A Seg 4 Is it worth paying for ultra-high speed connections? How do  you tell if you have a keylogger on  your computer


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