Podcast June 16, 2012: Social TV


Show Notes:

Emily Hay, The Internet Advisor Social Media Maven on tweeting live┬áthe night of the Target Fireworks and how this integrates into “social TV.” Emily will explain “social tv” ...tv viewing and tweeting merging together and Facebook for younger users this Father’s Day weekend.

Eric and Sheri Kam: Making Social Media work for you. Enterprising young couple have found ways of using social media tools to enrich their work and community involvement.  Time for some great idea starters.

Tina Watson and John Barrie: Appropriate Technology Collaborative Advanced technology project makes its way to the jungles of Guatemala bringing critical health care, economic development and solar power. Tina Watson’s Guatemala Trip.

The Big Apple: Erik Anderson shares his analysis of the recent product and software announcements at the Apple WWDC in San Francisco.

Shane’s Best Tech Gifts for Father’s Day Under $100

Rani’s Objects of Art


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