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Ed's Electrical Adventure!

Here is a picture of the damaged buss that caused the problems that Ed was talking about with his printer not working on the 1/28/12 show hour 2.  Notice the bite mark taken out of the buss clip in the middle of the picture.

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The Crunchies Are Here…Cast Your Vote Now

Get on board this 5 year old tech award ceremony to vote for your favorite applications and your digital heroes.  But you have to do it soon because winners will be announced in San Francisco on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012. The awards are sponsored by the folks at  Go here to vote.

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Podcast: January 28, 2012

Show Notes

A visit with Allen Park Cub Scouts 1051 and their families.

Find out more about Scouting.

Full Show Podcast: January 28, 2012 – Hour 1
Full Show Podcast: January 28, 2012 – Hour 2

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Apple's Piggy Bank Explodes!

Maybe next year we should let whoever is running Apple deliver the State of the Union Address because their state is certainly solvent and has more cash than the good old US of A! During the 4th quarter of 2011 alone The Boys from Cupertino hustled 37+ million iPhones following the introduction of the iPhone 4S and Apple also said it sold nearly 15.5 million iPads during the same time, up 111% from the same time last  year.

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Ready or Not Here Comes Timeline

When Timeline first appeared on Facebook it created a big backlash.  Looks like none of that matters to Mark Z and his minions because we are all going to get to like it, like it or not.  By early February we will all look the same (in terms of general layout) on FB.  Sure you can individualistic, as long as it’s their way.

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Download King Collared in His "Safe" Room

The head of Megaupload was cornered by New Zealand Police inside his armed fortress.  The FBI has accused Kim “Dotcom” of earning $42 million from pirated material in 2010 alone.  “New Zealand police said two firearms and several luxury cars were removed from Dotcom’s mansion.” according to the Wrap.  The license plates on the cars were “Mafia”, “Hacker” and “God”, Seriously?!  Seriously?!

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Something for Apple to Envy

HP has had a miserable year in the news and on its sales front, but it looks like they have a hit on their hands with  the sleek HP Envy 15.  Look out MacBook Air, PC lovers now have their own ultrabook to envy.

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Romance Scam Website for Broken Hearted

As featured in our 1/21/12 show, Romance Scam is an informational website for people who have been or fear they are involved in a web scam on a dating site.  The site has a chat room which is a place for people talk with a moderator if they have questions about their specific situation.

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Podcast: January 21, 2012

Romance Scams

Beware the love rats, impostors, criminals and scammers, looking for love online. seeks to expose these criminals and warn lonely hearts that have already been broken too often.

Show Notes:

Because we will be on the air until 6 PM there will be plenty of time for your questions about computers and the Internet.  Don’t miss your chance, call 1 880 859-0957

Happy Birthday to Ed Rudel!

Podcast: January 21, 2012 – Hour 1
Podcast: January 21, 2012 – Hour 2
Podcast: January 21, 2012 – Hour 3

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"Greedy and Evil"= Apple new iBook License

Blogger Ed Bott makes a business of reading EULA’s (End User License Agreement).  You know, the things that pop up when you install software and you automatically click “agree” without reading a word!?  According to Bott, Apple’s license for its new iBooks publishing software essentially says that it owns whatever is published with it!

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