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World's Tallest Mountain Gets WiFi!

This is really going to chafe those of you who are still on dial up:  Mt. Everest now has its own 3G network to help climbers communicate with the outside world!

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China Claims World's Fastest Supercomputer

Maybe it’s because the HPC 2010 Conference is being held in Beijing, China, but it looks like the Sleeping Dragon has leapfrogged the US in Supercomputing capacity.  China claims that the Tianhe-1A, unveiled Thursday, set a performance record of 2.507 petaflops, easily surpassing the current record holder, the Cray XT5 Jaguar.

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Internet Advisor Tech Roundtable #3 10/23/10

Gary Baker, Cal Carson and Foster Braun discuss a week full of exciting news for Apple fans and lots of other tech topics:

Lost Children Get Help From QR Codes:

Internet Phenomenon Report

For Apple, a Week of Hot Air and Market Share

Apple Dumps Flash

Slate is a Motorcycle and iPad is a bicycle.

Google Street Views Disasters

Click here to listen: IA Tech Roundtable 3

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QR Codes Speed up Finding Lost Children

Laura Recovery Center is introducing a high tech way of helping to find missing children.  Now flyers with information on the missing child will contain QR codes (2 dimensional bar codes) that can take the owner of a smartphone directly to a website with information about the missing child.

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Google Street View Disasters

You never know what you are going to see when the eye of Google is upon you.  There are a lot of people out there wishing there were a “Delete” button on these Google images.

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Netflix Gobbling Up Bandwidth

Used to be that we were concerned with all those rascals bit-torrenting and taking up all the bandwidth.  Turns out that legitimate download site Netflix is taking up 20% of all available bandwidth!  Check out this interesting report on Internet usage around the world.

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First Impressions of New MacBook Air

Here is the firsthand report from the folks at CNET after 24 hours playing with Apple’s newest laptop. This was probably the biggest part of the Apple announcement this week.  Look for more in depth comments both from Erik Anderson’s Mac Minute and the new Internet Advisor Tech Roundtable coming soon.

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Internet Advisor Tech Roundtable #2

Fresh off the press here is this week’s IA Tech Roundtable with Gary Baker, Cal Carson and Foster Braun.  Topics of discussion included:

Windows 7 Phones whole new way of doing smart phones with less is more. Smackdown vs. Android and iPhone.

-Facebook and Skype in Deal

-Oct 20 new Apple OS Lion? Apple shares soar on news of Verizon iPad sales.

– Why NASA could help rescue Chilean miners.

-Microsoft releases biggest-ever security update.

Also this week, Erik “Macboy” Anderson has a special web exclusive Mac Minute podcast, discussing the Verizon iPad and previewing Apple’s upcoming press conference.

Click here for this week’s: IA Tech Roundtable 2

Click here for this week’s: Mac Minute Podcast

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Internet Advisor Tech Roundtable…Premier

Welcome to the premier edition of The Internet Advisor Tech Roundtable, featuring Gary Baker, Cal Carson and Foster Braun discussing Google TV and Logitech devices, MS Office 2010 impact, iPad sales at Target and resurrecting AOL. Each week we will post a new 20 to 30 minutes conversation about the top tech topics of the week with members of our team hosted by Foster Braun.

IA Tech Roundtable 1

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New Rumor: iPhone for Verizon by December

Like a sighting of Big Foot, the rumors about the iPhone appearing on Verizon have surfaced again with one big difference: the source is the venerable Wall Street Journal.  Gary Baker

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