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Google Offers a Life Line to XP Users: Chrome OS

An interesting support option for XP users  Oct 16, 2013

Well, give them credit for an interesting ploy: Google announced today that it would extend support for its Chrome browser on Windows XP through at least April 2015. That’s a full year after Microsoft plans to end support of the operating system, opening up the remaining tens of millions of users to potential new security threats.

This is a big deal because IT is collectively scrambling now to meet the April 2014 deadline. According to the latest usage share figures, there are still 400-500 million Windows XP users out there, mostly in corporations. And while that number is dropping rapidly each month, it’s pretty clear that April 2014 is going to come and go and leave many of those users—and the companies that control their PCs—in the lurch.

What does the Google support offer mean?

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