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Podcast June 1, 2013: Scam School

Scam buster

Show Notes

Scam School

Guests 6/1/13

Loyal Listener Len Michael’s shares his story of a questionable PayPal message and how he kept from  becoming another victim of scams.

Internet Advisor, Gary Baker, received a surprise notice from Amazon about $1,000+ TV he had bought….only he hadn’t bought it!  Gary tells how to get this kind of this sorted out.

Microsoft has published a list of suggestions to help you stop being victimized by con artists and still use the Internet safely.  Our advisors will discuss the points.

  • Lock your mobile phone with a unique, four-digit PIN. Much like your ATM code, don’t share it.
  • Help protect your privacy online. Don’t overshare. Think before posting where you are and save vacation highlights and photos for your return. 
  • Use location-based services safely. Think carefully about turning on geotagging. Share your location only with those you trust. Pay attention to where and when you check in. Get permission before you check in others. 
  • Conduct financial or business related transactions on a secure network. Don’t use “borrowed” or public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Please silence your mobile phone.  And by “silence,” this doesn’t mean turning it on vibrate.  That’s still disruptive in a movie theater,

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