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Podcast 1517: NextEnergy, Tech Tune Up with Comcast & Listener Q&A



Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

Show Notes:

Hour 1

Tesla Powerwall  A Household/Business Battery

Elon MuskElon Musk announced a stunning new battery technology that could reshape electrical use around the world, even in countries where there is no power grid!  Is this just another toy for rich greenies or is this another great leap forward in energy independence?



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DAVE-HURST-WEBDave Hurst is Director of Market Analysis at NextEnergy, leading Next Energy’s Energy Sector and Program teams in the understanding and development of various market segment intelligence. NextEnergy is a convener, collaborator, and service provider accelerating advanced energy technologies through industry and venture development


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4 Tips for a Spring Technology Check Up from Comcast


Michelle Gilbert, Vice President of Public Relations and Bill Babbit, Tech. Operation Supervisor for Comcast in Michigan have great tips to get the best out of  your cable connection.

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Hour 2    Live Listener Question and Answer

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Mike Brennan 

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A complete guide to iOS 8

iOS 8 looks to be one of the most feature-packed updates to Apple’s mobile platform since the launch of the App Store. Learn how to use it with our comprehensive guides.


iOS 8 is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, bringing new functionality and features to the platform.

Custom keyboards, better sharing between apps, widgets, an improved Camera app, and new Messages features are all included in Apple’s new mobile software. The list doesn’t end there — below you will find the complete guide to becoming an iOS 8 pro. We even uncover some hidden features not discussed by Apple during the iOS 8 announcement in June.

This post will be updated as new content goes live, so be sure to bookmark and check back often.

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Shane's Top 5 “Aha Moments”

Shane Hamelin is a tech expert who works for CompuQuest USA Inc.

The Top Five “Aha” Moments

1.) I’m connected to the Internet but my browser will not display websites.

Answer: Some malware will make normal connection to the Internet impossible by changing your Internet Connection settings to use a proxy server. If you are having problems connecting to the Internet and perhaps getting messages about a web page not being available follow my simple steps to change the Proxy Server back to the correct server.

a)     Start then go to control panel.

b)     Click Internet options, then connections

c)     Click LAN settings then it will open automatic configurations.

d)     Remove all the check marks you see on automatic configurations and proxy server

e)     Press OK

2.) My laptop will power up but I only have a “Black Screen”

Answer: You turned on your laptop, but the screen is BLACK! You see that the laptop has power but besides that nothing is happening. Some cases, its just static buildup and these simple steps can fix this issue on all brands of laptops.

a)     Take out your laptop battery.

b)     Remove your AC Adapter Cord, that’s the wall power plug; remove …

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