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Tesla Powerwall: Game-changing batteries for homes and businesses, starting at $3,000


Michael Graham Richard (@Michael_GR) Technology / Clean Technology
May 1, 2015

Launching Tesla Energy

One of the main challenges of running a power grid is that supply and demand have to be in balance at all times. This means that electricity has to be consumed when it is generated. This makes it harder to integrate sources of energy over which you don’t have control, such as wind and solar power. What if there’s a high demand for electricity but the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining? What if it’s a sunny and windy day and supply far exceeds demand?

That’s the problem that having more energy storage connected to the power grid could solve.

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Tesla Dreams of Building Gigafactory for Batteries

CNET Week in Review

As car companies go, Tesla is still very much wet behind the ears, but in terms of awareness and sales it must be treated very seriously indeed. CEO Elon Musk knows that the future is bright and so is making a big investment — after making it possible for others to make their own investments. The company is taking on an additional $1.8 billion in investments to help gear up for production of the company’s so-called “Gen III” car, the one that’ll come after the (recently delayed) Model X and should be far more affordable than the company’s current Model S.
More noteworthy, though, is a plan to build the world’s greatest battery factory. Dubbed a “gigafactory” by Musk himself, the plan is to build a plant big enough to make more batteries in 2020 than the entire world produced in 2013. That is quite aspirational to say the least, but so is launching a satellite into orbit, and Musk’s SpaceX has done that on numerous occasions. Look for the plant to begin construction sometime in the next year or two and, if all goes according to plan, it’ll be based somewhere in the southwestern US, …

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