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Podcast 1452 12/27/14: Teri Takai, Gift Card Granny and 2014 in Review



Show Notes!

Teri Takai in Studio

Teri Takai 2014 and Beyond


We are honored to have one of Michigan’s outstanding technologists, Teri Takai, in our studio once again.  Teri, a U of M grad, has held numerous leadership roles as the CIO of Michigan, CTO of the State of California and until recently as CIO for the US Defense Department.  Teri has returned home to take the CTO job at  Meridian Health Care.

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The Best and Worst of 2014

What title would you give 2014? Our staff will take a look at 2014 to see what stage has been set for the coming year.  The Year of the Hacker?

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Cash in Your Gift Cards

Not all gifts are created equal; some may be like Ralphie’s pink bunny pajamas in the Christmas Story movie. That’s true of gift cards too.  So why let them collect dust when you can collect money for them?  Kendall Perez from Gift Card Granny joins us to talk about how you can get money for those gift cards you will never use.

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