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Surface Pro 3 review: Is the third time the charm?


 – May 23 2014, 5:43pm EDT (Ara Tecnica)

It’s often been said (though it probably isn’t true) that Microsoft gets things right on the third try—version one sucks, version two is barely adequate, and version three is the one that finally makes a mainstream splash. Does the Surface Pro 3 have what it takes to define a market and hit the big time?

Unlike the Surface Pro 2, which essentially stuck a new processor in an old system, the Surface Pro 3 is all-new. Unlike the Surface Pro 2, the Surface Pro 3 is a reaction to and acknowledgement of at least some of the criticisms leveled at the Surface product range.

And unlike the Surface Pro 2, the Surface Pro 3 is squarely and unambiguously aimed at laptop users. Introducing the new system, Microsoft cited “proprietary Microsoft research” asserting that 96 percent of iPad users also carry laptops. Not necessarily the most credible source—we asked the company if it could provide any information on how it arrived at this figure, but none was forthcoming. Still, we feel it does capture an essential truth. The exact proportion may vary, but many tablet users are also laptop users.


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Podcast 1334 Hour 1 Aug. 31, 2013: Fall Tech Roundtable

tech storm

Hour 1 8/31/13

It’s the last gasp of summer and the calm before the gadget hail storm predicted for fall 2013. Our technology team ponders what the playing field will look like this fall after some big changes.

Gary, Ed, Cal, FosterShane Hamelin, CompuQuest Tech Expert

  • Will Apple’s show on Sept. 10 recapture the magic that seems to have gone.
  • What will Microsoft look like post-Balmer?
  • Windows 8.1 and the new Surface computers
  • Wearable computing a fad or the future?
  • Is there a tablet in the future of most Windows XP users?

Phil Little

Joining our tech panel: Phil Little, President and CEO Synthacon, high tech consultancy.

3D Scanning and nano helicopters are just some of his interests.

Hex Nano copter: Kickstarter campaign raised 1,000X what they asked for.

Leap Motion: Interactive 3D Technology now available at Best Buy

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