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Podcast 1340 Oct. 12, 2013: AudioTainment: The Future of Radio

DASH conference 2013

Show Notes

Hour 1: The Future of Broadcasting

The Specs Howard School of Broadcasting has been training DJ’s, On Camera Talent, Video Editors, Engineers and a host of other positions for the ever-changing field of broadcasting.  Dick Kernen, SH Vice President of Industry Relations, has been a mentor to thousands of those professionals in Michigan and around the nation, including Foster Braun, his student in 1974.  With the advent of Pandora, Spotify and now iTunes Radio, what does the future hold for his students?



During the past 30 years, Jacobs Media has grown to be American radio’s leading broadcast consultants – not just to Classic Rock stations – but to all Rock radio, Alternative radio, Public Radio, and brands that need to understand their specific consumer target.


Under the leadership of Paul Jacobs,   jacAPPS help their clients thrive in a growing digital world by creating unique smartphone apps and jacAPPS is now the second largest app producer in Michigan.

Now Jacobs Media is focusing its expertise and talents on the convergence of broadcasting and the auto industry.  Paul Jacobs explains the concept of AudioTainment and DASH The Connected Car Conference coming to the Westin Metro Airport, Oct.

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