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Podcast 1423 June 7, 2014: Surface Pro 3 & Cost of Piracy

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Cal holding MacBookWWDC 2014: All Under the Hood with Cal Carson

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Computex 2014: A peek at the future of computing with Ed Rudel

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Microsoft in the House


Jerry CarlsonJerry Carlson,  Microsoft Device Ninja and Jeffrey Garnai, Client Specialist present Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 and Windows Phone 8.1

Jeff Garnai

 Jeff Garnai, Client/Technical Solutions, Heartland District, Microsoft



Surface-Pro-3-Primary_Web-1280x720Surface Pro 3: Defining a new segment?

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1520Windows Phone 8.1 Update: Look out world; this isn’t your grandpa’s WinPhone

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 Windows Phone 8.1 Sets new Speed record (Greg Sullivan, VP Windows Phone, Microsoft)

Greg Sullivan, VP Discusses New Features in Windows Phone 8.1


Anti-piracy ImageMicrosoft Anti-Piracy Program 

Don Morrison, Director of US Anti-Piracy, Microsoft explains the cost of “stealing” unlicensed versions of MS software.

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Digital Crimes Unit Story


Microsoft Software Piracy Website

How Can You Tell Whether Your Software Is Authentic

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