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A Losing Bet and Up Periscope

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A Losing Bet & Up Periscope

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Show Notes

Hour 1

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You Bet Your Life

Shane_HamelinLargerNew Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have opened the Pandora’s box of online gambling and more states want to fix their ailing casino industries by joining in.

Harmless entertainment or the tip of a massive societal iceberg?  Shane Hamelin tackles the subject of online gaming/gambling addiction.  How big is the problem, what is the fallout and what can be done for those who find themselves hooked online?


USA Today:  Online Gambling Spurs Addiction Fears


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Up Periscope!

Sheri KamSocial media keeps expanding and its time for us to help you catch up with the latest trends.  Sheri Kam joins us once again to help explain some of the most recent tools that have been added to the toolbox for those who want to explore new ways of keeping in touch personally and professionally.  Sheri will look at the increased popularity of Snapchat, first used by teens to avoid detection by parents, and Periscope, one of the new video sharing social media tools.

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