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Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now: AI Cage Match

Hi Cortana

by    @jdolcourt  April 14, 2014 5:00 AM PDT

Not everyone likes speaking commands into their phone, but for those who do, Microsoft’s new Cortana voice assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 is exactly the viable competitor to Apple’s Siri and Google Now that the company needs to keep its Windows Phone OS current.

Like Siri and, to a lesser extent, Google’s voice actions, Cortana is a personable (or vaguely person-like) voice-activated system for taking dictation, looking things up, and opening apps. (Yes, Halo fans — Cortana is named for Master Chief’s AI companion, and even voiced by the same talent: actress Jen Taylor.) Even in its early beta stage, Cortana mostly keeps pace with its rivals, and introduces one or two minor innovations that Apple and Google can learn from.

While Cortana isn’t revolutionizing the field of voice assistants, it does give Windows phones a sorely-needed boost in the voice option department — the previous generation, fueled by TellMe, was limited and impersonal. Out of all the additions to the Windows Phone 8.1, it’s Cortana that pulls the most weight keeping the Windows Phone in the OS game.

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How to talk to Siri the right way

Siri has been a controversial figure (non-corporeal though she may be) since she made her debut nearly two years ago, adding much-needed voice-powered automation to iOS but sparking controversy over her limited capabilities and problems recognizing accents.

In fact, to hear some of my friends and family members tell it, Siri is just plain useless. With all due respect, that’s because they’re doing it wrong. Siri may not be perfect, but she works properly most of the time — provided you follow a few simple rules of operation.

Here’s how to sweet talk her when you want to…

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June 29, 2013: Microsoft Grand Opening Report and Smart choice for Smartphone?


Show Notes

Microsoft Store Grand Opening in Detroit


Foster Braun and Cal Carson attended the grand opening of the Microsoft Store at the Somerset Collection in Troy, MI Friday, June 28.  Report includes Steve Balmer’s address, statement by Lt. Gov. Calley, Tim Thewes, Store Manager and customers attending.

Microsoft Store Grand Opening


Smartphone….Smart choice?


Learn what smartphone Foster Braun chose after the discussion on air and on Facebook last week.

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector.


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Podcast: October 15, 2011

Show Notes:

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Dave Sawyer,  Technical Director, MS Heartland Office, provides an overview of the security threat landscape and tips for consumers on how to stay protected.

Michigan’s Broadband Connection Report: Eric Frederick, Connect Michigan state program manager discusses the state of broadband deliver in the Wolverine State.

iPhone 4Gs is in the wild and Cal Carson, a member of MacGroup Detroit and our resident Apple expert along with Erik Anderson (producer of The Mac Minute) discuss the arrival this week of the next generation of iPhones along with iCloud and iOS5.

The second hour of the program is focused on answering your tech questions that have been emailed to us and even to talking with some lucky listeners about solving their problems. Don’t miss it!

Interview: Dave Sawyer
Interview: Eric Frederick
Full Show Podcast: October 15, 2011 – Hour 1
Full Show Podcast: October 15, 2011 – Hour 2

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