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Microsoft Surface 3 Hits 1 Billion in Sales

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Has Microsoft’s tablet PC finally come of age? Earlier this week Microsoft said Surface revenue hit $1.1bn for the most recent quarter – up 24 percent year on year – driven by Surface Pro 3 and accessories. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said of the rise: “The value proposition of being the most productive tablet is resonating.”

The company revealed that the third version of the Surface, the two-in-one device first launched two years ago, is selling faster than previous versions. “Surface Pro 3 volumes are pacing over three times the rate of what we saw with Surface Pro 2,” said Microsoft CFO Amy Hood.

So can it be finally said that Surface is a success? It depends on which metrics you use.

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Who Will Buy a Shiny New Apple…?

Is the “new iPad” just another expensive toy? ┬áTo many yes, but to nearly half the owners of present iPads, it’s a must have.

To put things in perspective, Tim Cook, the new CEO of the “post-Jobs” Apple, reported astounding sales figures of all Apple “devices” for 2011.

“Last year, Apple sold 172 million of what Cook calls “post-PC” devices, making up 76 percent of the company’s revenues. On a related note, he said Apple sold 62 million iOS devices in the last quarter and 315 million overall.”

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