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Podcast: March 20, 2010

To Google or not to Google…a whole city, that is the question.  Google Networks has created a bidding war among cities across the country including, of course, Ann Arbor, Michigan, to be one of the test sites for their super fast network. This week, the crew interviews a number of people who are trying to get Google to place their next generation fiber optic network in the home of University of Michigan and a host of high tech companies.  Among our guests is: Chris Taylor, City Council person for City of Ann Arbor, Laura Patterson, CIO for the University of Michigan and Derek Mehraban, the CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing whose company is sponsoring some of the local A2 Fiber events.

Of course we also have our full panel of experts: Gary Baker, Ed Rudel and Cal Carson to answer your questions along with co-host Foster BraunErik Anderson will also bring us his weekly Mac Minute highlight all things Apple in the news.

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Podcast: March 20, 2010 – Hour 1
Podcast: March 20, 2010 – Hour 2
Podcast: March 20, 2010 –

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