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iPhone 5S: Gold and Fingerprints

ZDNet iPhone 5S Report

iPhone 5C Report

Apple launched its brightest and cheapest new iPhones in an uncharacteristically low key event Tuesday, Sept. 10.  The iPhone 5 S confirmed all the rumors about its increased innards and capabilities which were considerable: faster processor, separate chip for motion, gold back frame available and the big surprise: a fingerprint reader.  While the capabilities of the phone, including a lot of great new photo features, were significantly increased, the handset itself stays essentially the same size and feel as the current iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5C was the colorful debutante at the ball dressed in hues ranging from yellow to pink and sporting available Apple rubber cases with remarkable colorful designs themselves. It had been hoped that Apple would use this phone made of cheaper materials as a way of breaking into the lucrative international markets like China, India and Brazil.  However it looks like Apple feels that they can still take the money and run; a policy which is leaving them in a distant second place to inexpensive but accessible Android phones by companies like Samsung.


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