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11 Ways to Fight Android's Data-Sucking Data Demons

AT&T’s Data Stick Up

I got Samsung Express (Android) phone from AT&T for my wife  because it was nearly impossible to read the small screen on her feature phone.  Time to step up in the world except, thanks to Android and AT&T, we stepped into Android Data Death Trap.

I thought I had done everything to shut down data-sucking apps like ESPN because the hockey season was over and Ginny wouldn’t Jones until the leaves fell again. Surprise, surprise…I just paid over $200 for our combined AT&T bill because she had inadvertently gone over her 350MB cap.  How?  Actually she didn’t, an app running in the background did and AT&T merrily nailed us for $20 for the overage.

Fighting Android’s hidden data-sucking demons

As a public service I am publishing this great article about stopping Android’s runaway data consumption.   Don’t let the Telco’s steal your hard earned dollars without a fight by using the 11 tips in this story.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking of reinstalling the Princess Phone on an old POTS line.

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