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Review of Online Fundraising Sites

Review of Online Fundraising Websites

As we mentioned during our March 8, 2014 show, GoFundMe is just one of a number of sites that offer you the opportunity to raise money for a cause, project or goal.  This is not meant as a promotion for any of the sites here including GoFundMe but as a first step in  your process of due diligence. From this point on it’s all about what you find to be true about each organization.  Good Hunting!

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GoFundMe Reviews

As more and more people become digitally connected, more organizations are turning to online websites for their fundraising campaigns. The ease of donating money through the internet has resulted in several different websites that allow fundraisers to create profiles and solicit donations online. There are literally dozens of websites to choose from that allow you to start a project. We recently began our own online fundraising campaign, and explored several of these websites. We noticed right away that each website has various strengths and weaknesses in terms of their functionality and cost. Read on to see our reviews of each, and let us know if you agree or disagree.…

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