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Screwed again: FCC to cut deal with big business

Capitol under attackMike Wendland: May 8, 2014

If you use and depend on the Internet, you about to get screwed by the government and big business.
Unfortunately, most Americans are too ignorant to care.
But make no mistake, the FCC’s telegraphed plans to allow so-called Internet fast lanes to be set up by the likes of Comcast so that big buck companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon and Disney can have special access to stream their programing into your homes faster than their competitors who can’t afford to pay, will have a disastrous effect.
It will stifle innovation and end up costing consumers more. After all, you don’t think those huge, filthy rich corporations will pay those special fees, do you? They will pass them along to their customers.
It is the ultimate example of the way-too-cozy relationship between the government regulators (who usually go to work for the companies they regulate) and the big businesses who use their wealth to buy influence.
This whole thing just sickens me.

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