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Pandora Buys a Radio Station

Pandora Media Inc., the biggest online radio service, has bought a station in South Dakota to gain the same access to music and rates as terrestrial competitors.

Buying KXMZ-FM in Rapid City qualifies Pandora for the same rights and prices enjoyed by competitors such as Clear Channel Communications Inc., CBS Corp. and Cumulus Media Inc. (parent corporation of WJR-AM, Detroit).  A spokesman for Pandora is quoted as saying that the acquisition may lead to cost savings of less than 1 percent of revenue. The company hopes to benefit from lower rates negotiated in 2012 with music regulatory agencies such as BMI and ASCAP.

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Infinity Hour Rocks the Internet



Listen to their original hit: Help Me Recall

Infinity Hour is a vibrant group of young folks who have burst on the musical scene in Southeast Michigan and are finding a voice on the Internet.  In March of  2012 one of their songs, “No Mister Nice Guy”, was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) out of over 15,000 songs in 115 countries!!


Soaring vocal melodies, monster guitar riffs and guaranteed radio-ready hits – it’s not what you’d expect from a 16 year old girl and three guys who aren’t even old enough to drink. But Infinity Hour isn’t your typical bunch of teenagers. Despite their youth, all five members have been playing music for years, and their current mix of bright pop hooks and moody alternative rock is proof they’ve come of age.

Infinity Hour first coalesced in 2008, when powerhouse vocalist Jena Asciutto was just 12 years old. The band had previously honed their skills playing covers of both classic rock songs and contemporary alternative hits, but with the addition of Asciutto’s distinctive voice, Infinity Hour underwent a transformation of style and substance that is still in progress. Over the past …

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Podcast: December 3, 2011

We’re also delighted to introduce Rick Broida, a Detroit area resident, who writes the Cheapskate Blog for CNET, the nation’s premier techno information source.  Rick will focus on What’s the Best Tablet to Buy?


Podcast Segments

Podcast: December 3, 2011 – Hour 1 Intro Segment
Podcast: December 3, 2001 – Hour 1 Steve and Mattie DeDoes
Podcast: December 3, 2001 – Hour 1 Rick Broida
Podcast: December 3, 2011 – Hour 2
Podcast: December 3, 2011 – Hour 3

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Amazon Unleashes Mighty Music Cloud Power

I am right now loading my Cloud Drive with all the music on my computer.  When it is done (in a couple of hours) all my legally obtained music will be stored in the cloud (aka. Amazon’s server) and I will be able to stream any of my music to any device or computer I want…except my iPhone!  Only Android phones can play the music right now.  This is a huge revolution.  Read the full article.

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