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Podcast 3-6PM Dec. 15, 2012: Winning Women's Websites and Cyber Boot Camp

Show Notes:

Hour 1:

Rachel Xiang, Plymouth Canton Educational Park, Canton (Advanced Division)

Annie Fu, Plymouth Canton Educational Park, Canton (Advanced Division)

Jackie Kwapisz, Lake Shore HS, St. Clair Shores (Beginner Division)

Girls’ Winning Websites

  • Windows 8 Answer Man: Aaron Guilimette, Apex Digital: Dealing with the differences in IE 10 on the Desktop and the Modern User Interface (Tiles)

Hour 2:

  • Detroit 2.0: How to keep college grads in Detroit with Sandy Welch, college tech intern and Dr. Azarias Reda of
  • Infinity Hour: Band Delivering Music in the 21st Century. Teen band has unique approach to sharing its music. Listen to their original hit : Help Me Recall

Hour 3: Call in/Questions Answered

If you are …

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Podcast Sept. 22, 2012: Educational Tools for Teens and Tots

Webee Console

Show Notes:

Building a Good Reputation from the Start: Dr. Azarias Reda wants to help teens to build good reputations online right from their very first post. At its core, Meritful builds a professional presence for high school students, much like LinkedIn does for adults. It is a place to document and share activities, projects and accomplishments—while getting feedback from a network of peers and mentors.

Playing to Learn: WEBEE was created by Danny and Rachel Van Buren, a husband/wife team, in order to provide their young children with a fun tool to assist in their developmental progress early in life, ahead of their peers. The program is open for investors on Kickstarter.

Online Resources mentioned during the show:

Internet Advisor Takeaway: Microsoft Security Patch


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