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Podcast 1814 4/7/18 Drone Swarms and Facebook Fallout


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Show  Notes:

Hour 1: IoTTechConnect Report and Dancing Drones



Rick Beckers, Founder and CEO of CloudTech1 joined us to give a rundown on Michigan’s first IoT Conference and if there was anything that was certain…it won’t be the last. Rick described the multitude of tracks for participants including one track for a group of middle school girls who created a code project.



They were visited by the “Michigan’s Chief Geek”, Governor Rick Snyder who also received an award from the participants for his efforts in technology.



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Matt Quinn, president of Great Lakes Drone Company, described one of the favorites at the conference: His display of drone technology from the smaller consumer drones to a massive drone used for crop spraying in Sri Lanka. During the show Matt took time to talk about the many avenues for drones from swarm technology to underwater exploring.



When asked, Matt described the cutting edge of drone technology as the EHang 184, an unmanned, air taxi built by the Chinese and due for testing in Dubai

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