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Office 2016 and Colorblind Pal

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Office 2016 and Colorblind Pal

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Office 2016 A

Office 2016 has arrived but there are so many ways of getting it.  Sarah Mitroff. an associate editor with CNET, has written an article that will help you sort out the best and most economisarah-mitroff-2015-squarecal way to get Office 2016 entitled: Three ways to get your hands on Office 2016  In this segment Sarah outlines each path to Office and answers other questions, like: What happens to Office on the Mac and where has publisher gone?

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Vincent Fiorentini is a computer scientist in his senior year of college in southern California. Being red-green color blind himself, Vincent recently applied his Vincent Fiorentinipassion for building software to create an app that helps other people with color blindness see the colors around them.  Colorblind Pal is an app for iOS and Android devices which also works on Apple devices. 

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