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Computer Shops You Can Trust

Whom do you trust to fix your computers?

We are convinced that there are lots of small to medium sized computer repair shops who are NOT out to take your money by doing needless or shoddy repairs. You can prove us right by adding the name of a computer shop that you trust to this list.  Just get in touch with us through the Contact button on the homepage and let us know who they are.  BUT….make sure that you actually have used their services and can give a personal testimonial of the work they do.  This is not a chance for companies to self-promote; and we will do our best to eliminate those as quickly as possible.

Trusted Local Computer Workshops

Kathleen Norton-Schock reviewed Dan’s PC Solutions— 5 star
Computer Repair Service
Dan's PC Solutions
January 31, 2018

Dan (and Amber) have provided us,with expert help for both home and office computers for a number of years. Honest; totally customer-service-oriented; very affordable; kind —just some of the adjectives we would use. What’s not to like??? Highly recommend doing business with them. We are more than satisfied! – AND now in May, 2018, Dan does it again. #Microsoft gets

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