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Podcast 1741: Tom Lawrence & The Future of Microsoft

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Show Notes:

Hour 1


Tom Lawrence is many things to the online world: Entrepreneur (owner of Lawrence Technology Services in Taylor, MI), tech expert who has helped answer our listener questions, podcaster and YouTube celebrity.

Recently Tom returned from a trip to New York City where he met with Microsoft executives and got a peek at the future of the “House that Bill (Gates) Built”.  During today’s program we will introduce you to Tom and the many resources that he offers from individual computer repair to wiring entire business networks and even some web design.


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Microsoft’s Vision of the Future in 2020

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MiTechNews Headlines for Dec. 2, 2017


  • NSA Breach Spills Over 100GB Of Top Secret Data

  • MSU Professor: Transparent Solar Is Wave Of The Future

  • Report: Smart Speakers Set To Be

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International Space Station Closes Windows

ISS Linux

The operating system is used extensively on the International Space Station has been Windows XP. On the other hand the majority of the ground-based support systems for the ISS back on Earth are Linux-based.

Soon, the dozens of laptops in use on the ISS will all be running Debian 6. According to Keith Chuvala, a United Space Alliance contractor, manager of Space Operations Computing (SpOC) for NASA, and leader of the ISS’s Laptops and Network Integration Teams: “We migrated key functions from Windows to Linux because we needed an operating system that was stable and reliable  – one that would give us in-house control. So if we needed to patch, adjust or adapt, we could.”

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