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Podcast: February 20, 2010

Finding your place in e-commerce is the theme of this week’s Internet Advisor with Foster Braun, and Ed Rudel. The old saying was: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going… online” we might add in 2010. With the economy in shambles, particularly in Midwest, many of the un-and under-employed are turning to e-commerce.  Hard work and determination to learn from your mistakes are still required but the rewards can be awesome.

Donna Klein,  The Ebay LadyThis week we catch up with one of our favorite digitally based entrepreneurs, Donna Klein, known to long time listeners as Ebay Lady, and find out how her businesses have grown online way beyond Ebay.  Also joining us from Houghton Lake is Leroy Johnston who started an online business 12 years ago as a home for his invention for a great fishing product and has since branched into other areas in the digital realm.  Who knows, maybe their stories will inspire you to become the next success story we feature….and why not?!

Erik Anderson has  The Mac Minute to keep us up on all this Apple and our 5-6 hour will be dedicated to finding solutions to your computer and internet problems.  Don’t forget …

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