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Building a Bridge to India & Veterans 2.0

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Building a Bridge to India & Veterans 2.0

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Show Notes:

Hour 1

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Keith ZendlerKeith Zendler has dreamed of creating a way for different businesses and organizations in our community to communicate their dreams for Detroit and Michigan in one central location.  Out of that was born; Keith calls it a bulletin board for businesses.

Now Keith is extending that vision across continents to embrace India, particularly Pune, India’s Motor City.  Find out what this spicy combination looks like.

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Scott McQueenScott Mclean is Chief School Administrator for New Horizons Learning Solutions.  He and his company believe that no Veteran should be left out of our economy and have joined together with Automation Alley in Oakland County to provide a unique opportunity for veterans.  Join us as Scott explains how this joint venture plans to create Veterans 2.0 with new IT skills that will propel them forward in our booming economy.

For More Information:

Call:  (734) 853-2060  or

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Show Notes:

Hour 2

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