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Podcast: July 14, 2012, Track Your Child

Show Notes:

Keeping and Eye on Baby: Bill Collins, COO of Child Care Daily App explains how an Ann Arbor couple developed software to enable childcare centers to let parents keep an eye on their children while they are at work. Child Care Daily App is the result and it is creating a whole new category of web services.


Grandma’s IT on a Stick: Ambitious startup Jumpshot aims to make life easier for all the family IT people out there.  Co-founders Pedram Amini and David Endler claim their software can fix your PC without you ever doing a thing…other than plugging their USB stick in your PC.  Working together they have found the cure for PTSD (Persistent Tech Support Disease)  Watch Jumpshot Video


This week’s Internet Advisor Takeaway: Do Not Track Plus a free plug-in for your browser that stops 1) social networks 2) ad networks 3) third party companies. Compatible with major browsers.

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