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Podcast 1727: TV White Spaces Connecting Rural Michigan: Hope or Hoax?

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Show Notes

Hour 1


Microsoft’s President, Brad Smith, announced on July 11 that the digital giant is going to throw its weight behind TV White Space technology to connect millions of our fellow citizens living in rural America.  The initial stages of the program will hook up some 2.3 million people in 12 states (including Michigan!) by 2025.

In today’s show we will breakdown Microsoft’s plan and discuss the pros and cons of using TV White Space technology as one of the ways to cost effectively connect this huge portion of population.  Is this the new Great White (Space) Hope or Hoax?

Click Here to Listen to Microsoft Announcement


Joining us to discuss the topic are two people with long term investments in reaching America’s underserved populations with broadband technology:

Jameson Zimmer is …

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