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iOS 9 & The Tricycle Collective

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iOS 9 & The Tricycle Collective

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Show Notes
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 iOS 9 New Features

CalCal Carson shares the highlights of Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 9.  Some of the changes like the new way of displaying open apps are immediately apparent while others like the settings menu won’t require three, four, or five taps just to do something simple like manage your location services.

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The Tricycle Collective

Michele OberholtzerMichele Oberholtzer has a dream: Keep Detroit families in homes that are in danger of foreclosure and sale during tax auctions.  The Tricycle Collective is her tool to do that.  By using the crowdfunding website Patronicity, a small investment can help a small group of families buy the houses that they are currently renting.

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The Dove Channel

Dick RolfDick Rolfe founded the Dove Foundation over 25 years ago to help families find videos and movies that fit their personal values. Now the Dove Channel has been transformed into an Over the Top video source …

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