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Podcast 1819 05-12-18 Happy High Tech Mother’s Day


Show Notes: Happy Mother’s Day

Hour 1: Tech Roundtable


Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson along with Caston Thomas and Foster Braun lead the Tech Roundtable with a sad story about a crash involving a Tesla.  Apparently two young men near Gary’s boat dock, ran a Tesla off the road at high speed and were killed. Who/what is to blame? Can anyone blame Tesla for including all the kill switches necessary to avoid this…except the one that can stop a young man from doing something deadly?

On to much more pleasant tech topics.

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Show Notes:

Hour 2: Getting grandma/pa on board with technology.


Caston Thomas started things off by introducing his mother Vicky Thomas in Georgia and telling the story of her embracing technology.









Ellece Campbell, Managing Director, OtterBase, Inc., also shared her insights as a very well connected technologist who has faced the challenges of raising a family and still being an IT professional.  Her family was in studio to confirm that she was a very special mom.





The Tech Pro Team was on hand to take …

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