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Smart Drones That Can Fly Themselves…Skynet Begins?

The smart drones that can fly themselves without GPS: Photos

Researchers from Zurich university’s computer department have been demonstrating robot aircraft that can navigate to their destinations autonomously.

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FAA Proposes New Drone Rules

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed a new set of long-awaited commercial drone rules on Sunday. And it sounds like Amazon won’t be making those drone deliveries any time soon.The new FAA rules would allow drones to fly during daylight when they can be seen from the ground by their pilots. Altitude is limited to 500 feet, with speeds no faster than 100 mph.

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US Drone Hijacked by GPS Spoof

Lest we think that robot warfare is the answer to all OUR problems, you should know that the Iranians (and therefore every form of evil, anarchistic terrorist organization with enough money) know exactly what makes our drones work. By the way, they now know how to kill them!

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