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Podcast 1831: Competing in the Future,

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Show Notes

Hour 1: Tech Experts break down the week’s top stories

Capt. Gary Baker’s “Tech Slice”  from the Shared Adventure



Ed Rudel’s “Window on Microsoft”


Caston Thomas: “Chuck Norris of Security” tackles security headlines of the week



Foster Braun: Grumpy Gramps Guide to all the rest!  

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Show Notes

Hour 2: Keeping Up in a Connected World and Report from Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City with Mike Brennan


Gregg Garrett, co author of Competing in the Connecting World,  joins us in studio to share his insights into not only coping with a fast changing future but actually competing successfully.  His insights are not just for businesses looking to keep a profit margin in an ever changing market.  They are about helping each of us come up with our own strategies for coping with everything from the latest AI inventions, to self-driving vehicles and a generation of youth who are seemingly completely disconnected to the world around them…if it isn’t on their phone.

Podcast 1832- Greg Garrett

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