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Electronic Travel: Foster Braun

Foster Vacation

Foster on Vacation in British Columbia 

Two biggest issues: Power and Wireless Access


You can have the very best gadgets in the world but if they don’t have enough power; they are just added weight to lug through TSA, Customs and Airports.  I carried my MacBook Pro laptop and got pretty good battery out of it until I started really using it, e.g. to watch a movie that I had downloaded from iTunes. When I got to Seattle airport the battle was to find an outlet!  A cagey 20 something girl found the only available outlet in a dining area and I was about to dispair since both my laptop and iPhone were running out of power.  Then I got to Alaska airlines for my connecting flight and found that there were extra power outlets in almost ALL the seats in the waiting area.

I was not so lucky on the ferry ride back to Seattle.  There were many outlets…but all were taken.  During the extra long 5 hour ride I nearly ran out of battery on my iPhone 4 which seemed to go really quickly.  This was critical because I needed to change my flight because of weather …

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