Podcast 2142 – New MacBook Pros, iOS 15 upgrade, avoid the Dark Web and eCycle.

This week Gary will “internet Advise” on how and why you should stay off the “Dark Web”. Apple has release the new MacBook Pro laptops. Have you upgraded you iOs devices to version 15? eCycle, no longer using older electronics and should you dispose of properly or “Frankenstein” parts to create useable devices? We will talk with Ed about that.




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iOS 15: Essential info about Apple’s latest iPhone update

If you haven’t made the jump to Apple’s new mobile operating system, we’ll walk you through new features, how to download and more.



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First Real-World Photos and Video of New MacBook Pro Models Begin to Surface

Apple unveiled new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models earlier this week, and the first real-world photos of the notebooks have surfaced.

The new MacBook Pro models have been available to order since Monday and will begin arriving to customers and launch in stores on Tuesday, October 26. Pricing starts at $1,999 for the 14-inch model and at $2,499 for the 16-inch model.


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Google Pixel 6 hands-on review: A new Pixel is born

Google’s Pixel 6 is like no Pixel that’s come before it, and not just because of that eye-catching camera bar running across the back of the phone’s two-tone design. This Pixel — along with the Pixel 6 Pro that it debuts with — is the first to feature Google’s own Tensor chipset, opening up a world of possibilities for voice-powered tasks and other features tapping into Google’s expertise with machine learning.

Thanks to Tensor, your camera not only will be able to recognize text, but translate it on the fly if it’s in a foreign language. The new chip also powers Pixel features like voice-powered typing and robocall screening, not to mention a new spate of photo processing capabilities.


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