Podcast 2140 – Apple Series 7 Watch, Starlink services, Laptops under $500

Join us this week as we explore upcoming StarLink services for internet in hard to reach places. Apple Series 7 watch is now available for pre order. Laptops under $500, are they a good deal and when they are not. Plus Mike Brennan with MI Tech News!



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The best cheap laptops available now

Here are some recommendations and buying advice so you can find the best budget-friendly laptop from Lenovo, Acer and others.

High demand for cheap Windows and Chrome OS laptops (also known as Chromebooks) spurred on by the pandemic paired with parts-supply shortages have made it harder to find the best laptop under $500. Below, you’ll find some straightforward buying advice based on our years of testing and review experience to help you understand just what to expect from a laptop priced under $500. It’ll also let you know what to look for if you want to continue your budget laptop hunt on your own.

Use these picks to sort through the competition and don’t make rash decisions when you’re shopping, because there are a lot of cheap laptops that are just not worth it.

Are laptops under $500 any good?

As a rule of thumb, resist buying out of desperation — don’t spend $500 because you can’t find a cheaper laptop deal available, for example. Buying a need-it-now laptop can be like shopping for food while hungry. Even for a laptop, $500 can be a lot of money, and you’ll likely be holding onto it for at least three years, if the statistics Intel and PC manufacturers hurl at us are correct.



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Apple Watch Series 7 Now Available for Pre-Order

Apple is now accepting pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 7 models through its online storefront and the Apple Store app. Pre-orders are available in more than 50 countries.


Apple Watch SE vs. Apple Watch Series 7 Buyer’s Guide

In September 2021, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 7, featuring larger displays, improved durability, and faster charging. This came one year after Apple unveiled the Apple Watch SE, a low-cost Apple Watch option that still offers many of the Apple Watch features that have made the device so popular over the years.

The ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ starts at $399, while the ‌Apple Watch SE‌ is priced much more competitively at $279. As these two models share many key features, including design, water resistance, and an optical heart sensor, it may not be immediately obvious which model is better for you. Is it worth purchasing the cheaper model with fewer features? Our guide answers the question of how to decide which of these two Apple Watch models is best for you.


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Elon Musk: US Nationwide Starlink Rollout Is Coming This Month

A US nationwide rollout for satellite internet service Starlink begins later this month, according to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

Musk made the statement after he previously mentioned that Starlink is set to exit its beta phase sometime in October. On Thursday, a Twitter user asked what this might mean for US consumers, particularly those based in the south. “Starlink beta is ending this month as stated, will we see more of the southern states (Louisiana, Texas, etc.) roll outs?” the user wrote.

In response, Musk tweeted: “Should be nationwide rollout by end of month. Note, still limited by peak number of users in same area. This will improve as more satellites are launched.”


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