Podcast 2051 – Happy Virtual Holidays!

We wish you a happy and healthy virtual Holiday season. Let’s see how with Rob Ponto from Comcast. Adobe Flash is at the end of the line. Amazon wants you to be part of their Mesh Network. Gary fills us in on Global Fraud in cyberspace and Mike Brennan with MI Tech News.


Now a look from “Behind the Speakers” of the Internet Advisor show by Ed Rudel.

Some tips on preparing for a successful “Virtual Celebration” from

Rob Ponto

Senior Manager, Public Relations


Here’s what you should do.

1.  Designate a leader – The “Techie” of the family is best for doing this.

2. Determine the platform –  Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, ….

3. Test before the event – Run a short meeting with some members of the family or friends. Just to make sure every one knows how to use the platform and their device with it.

4.  Test the Wi-Fi location. Make sure that Wi-Fi works in the location of the home where they will be joining the virtual event. Living room, kitchen ….

5. Set a time for the event.

6. Set a theme for the event, present opening, dinner, cookie making.

Enjoy ….and Happy Holidays from all of us at the “Internet Advisor!”

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