Podcast 2032 – Mid Summer Tech Team

This week we like to assist with your summer time tech.Got sometime that needs attention that you use during the summer in technology? We will be taking your calls and answering the I.A. Mailbag. Join Gary, Ed and Cal along with Mike Brennan with MI Tech News.

Want to capture a YouTube video for your own private use? Check out this link that Gary talked about from PC Mag here:


How about storing your iPhone photos with unlimited space for free or Public Domain Audiobooks that Cal talked about. Check these links from OS X Daily here:

How to Backup iPhone Photos to Google Photos, for Free

Use icloud for a price or Google Photos unlimited space for free.

How to Get Free Audiobooks on iPhone & iPad

Public Domain Books from LibriVox – https://librivox.org/

Process detailed by OSX Daily here.

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