Podcast 2021 – Tech for the Holiday Out of Doors

It’s the holiday weekend. Join us for discussions on how you can use tech for you holiday celebrations and preparations. From Grilling to Thrilling. we will also answer you tech questions and have Mike Brennen with MI-Tech News.


Here are some interesting links


Amazon has Apple Air Pods – down from $199.00 to $149.00

T Mobile offering iPhone SE for Free – See details at this link


And yet another streaming service – HBO MAX


For you Windows Users

For those in the Windows Insider Program, the May 2020 Update has been available as a preview release for about a year (again, it was originally referred to as the April 2020 update, but given the coronavirus pandemic, its release was pushed back). 

The final version is expected to roll out to developers on May 12, and to mainstream users starting May 28,

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