Podcast 2019 – The power and protection of 2 Factor Authentication.

Join Gary, Ed abd Cal as we talk about the next level of security for your passwords with 2 Factor authentication using both passwords and biometrics to protect yourself. We will have more WFH – Working from home tips and MI Tech News from Mike Brennen.


Show Notes and Links

With all the activity online, Good time to clean up computer related things

MailBox – Nearing capacity fill with old mail and mounds of spam and ads

Temp Files from Internet Browsing. Clean up those and caches to get better performance

Reboot your computer – When was the last time to get things cleaned up and a fresh start with better performance.

Just clean the computer period. You be surprised how icky it can get when you work from home and get used to snacking and cooking and forget to clean the stuff off your hands before you use the computer. And how about giving those screens a cleaning? Look at the vents on the computer. Is there dust starting to accumulate and block airflow. Especially if you work with a blanket on you lap. Pet Dander.

Need a deal on noise cancelling headphones for work at home. $200.00


or if you just have to have Microsoft Surface Brand $249.00


Speaking of Surface. If you have a Surface 3 and noticed some cracks in your screen you might be up for a recall from Microsoft.


Microsoft released the Surface Go 2 13.5 inch, during COVID 19 – $ 399.00 of course that is the base model without a keyboard.

Lastly for those whom might find themselves working from home longer that they think. CNet did a nice article on WFH must haves with links to places to buy must haves. Check this out.


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