Podcast 1842 – Towering Lights for Holiday Nights.


Check out this weeks Podcast with Cynthia Stump of ITC Holdings – the electrical power transmission company here in Michigan serving DTE, Consumers, and others. Cynthia will be talking with us about the holiday decorations that ITC does in the communities it serves by decorating the transmission towers for the season. You can find the locations of those towers by clicking on this link – https://www.itc-holdings.com/newsroom/newsroom-details/itc-decorates-transmission-towers-with-festive-lighting-as-part-of-holiday-tradition-2018  to see the locations of the decorated towers.


Gary Baker, the Internet Advisor, will be talking with the guys about the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin.


Calvin Carson will have more tips on getting that Apple iPhone for less as a gift for the holiday season

Along with Master Tech Ed Rudel and Security Expert Caston Thomas.

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