Podcast 1829: Buy Michigan Fest, Diva Tech Talk Awards and Shark Week

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Show Notes

Hour 1: Buy Michigan Now Fest, MiTechNews


Lisa Diggs proudly announces the arrival of the Buy Michigan Now Fest to Northville, MI Aug. 3 through 5. 

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Mike Brennan is the editor of this free news source cover technology and entrepreneurship throughout the state of Michigan.  Mike publishes twice a week with text, audio and now video resources that follow those headlines.  All this is yours for just…$0.00!  Simply go to mitechnews.com, enter your email and you on your way to being better informed about what drives our state and the businesses that are blooming here.

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Show Notes

Hour 2: Diva Tech Talk Awards and Shark Week with Capt. Gary

Kathleen Norton Schock joins us to proudly announces another round of awards for this wonderful show that she cohosts with Nicole Sheffler. 


Diva Tech Talk is a specialized communication channel highlighting women doing wonderful things in the technology arena by creating podcasts from interviews with successful female individuals in the field and covering various technology events.  It was created to inform and inspire women of all ages to succeedin professional and life missions that are technology-driven.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”black” border_width=”5″][vc_column_text]


Gary Baker was approached earlier this year by the producers of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.  Fortunately for Gary they wanted to rent his boat and leave the captain safely on the dock. Listen to Gary’s explanation of the connection between his boat Shared Adventure and the most recent episode of Shark Week.

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