Podcast 1827: Cord Cutting Suddenly


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Hour 1: Cutting the Cord…Suddenly at the Braun Household



Foster and his wife Ginny were greeted with an unpleasant but all too frequent notice on their Roku Smart TV on the evening of July 3, that the network connection was down.  This was not an infrequent event so Foster went to the Comcast router and unplugged it for the usual 30 seconds which would then be followed by replugging the router into the power and waiting about 5 minutes for all the systems to reboot. That was when Foster discovered that he had unwittingly cut the cord!   When he tried to plug the power cord back into the Comcast router, it wouldn’t hold the power. No more thinking about cutting the cord…It was done!

What’s Next?!

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Video Studio In The Cloud Coming To MITechNews.ComThis Summer

ROYAL OAK – Video Meeting will be rolling out this summer, taking traditional video conferencing to the next level, what co-founder David Simon calls Video Conferencing on steroids, aimed at small businesses and creators. It will have enhanced ability to link to most major social media platforms and include eCommerce capabilities for paid events.

Also on tap is MITechNews.TV that will be powered by Live Streaming Media, a second company that Simon is in partnership with M2 TechCast Co-host Mike Brennan.  MITechNews.TV will feature live “CNN style” interviews that then will be made available on demand. MITechNews.TV will be the first channel of many MITechNews.Com will develop over the coming months.

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Show Notes

Hour 2:

Open Lines:  800 586-7907

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