Podcast 1825: The Magic Behind The Ford Fireworks



Patrick Brault is the genius behind the wonderful display of color and light that bathed the Detroit River, Monday night, June 25.  Caston Thomas and Foster Braun were able to do a special interview with Patrick before the event.  We got behind the scenes to know the man who combines choreography, explosives (which he carefully crafts at his workshop in Mexico) and a wonderful eye for color. It was kind of like peeking behind he curtain and discovering the secrets of the Wizard of Oz!

“World-renowned pyrotechnic Patrick Brault has been choreographing the Ford Fireworks Detroit since 2009, but he’s been lighting up the skies for more than 25 years. It isn’t what he planned on doing with his life, but he sure is good at it. ”  Hour Magazine


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Show Notes

Hour 2: The crew tackle listeners call ins at 800 859-0957

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