Podcast 1823: 6-7 PM Sat. June 9 Indoor drones and iPhone Addiction

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Show Notes

Hour 1 Indoor Drones, Breaking iPhone Addiction, MiTechNews


Wayne State University Professor Giuseppe Santangelo who is also CEO of Skypersonic Indoor Drones will explain the developments taking place in this brand new field.

Giuseppe is the founder and CEO of Skypersonic LLC a US company focused on Autonomous Vehicles & UAV Systems manufacturer located in Detroit Metro, Michigan.

From 2008 to 2013, he was the CEO of a Multinational Engineering Group ,Teoresi SpA, P&L of 30 million dollars and over 400 employees.

Giuseppe collaborates at Wayne State University as professor for the Autonomous Vehicles course. Giuseppe collaborates at Lawrence Technological University as adjunct professor of Space System Engineering and Aerospace Propulsion.

Giuseppe has been a professor of Attitude Orbital Guidance and Navigation Control at the International Master II level in Space Exploration and Development Systems at Polytechnic of Turin, Universität Bremen (Germany) and Grande Ecole Aérospatiale Supaero Toulouse (France).

He was responsible for the development of some projects on behalf of the European Space Agency and NASA at Thales Alenia Space.

He studied Astronautical Engineering at La Sapienza di Roma, Giuseppe participated to the engineering design and development of several equipment for the International Space Station with NASA.

He also established, in 2014, the Leonardo International Foundation to promote opportunities for Italian companies to incorporate in the U.S. He conceived the idea of assisting Italian SME in their US incorporation and operations. Presently he is the president of the Italian American Business Chamber in Michigan.

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