Podcast 1818 5-4-18 The Gary, Ed and Cal Show and Caston Thomas


Show Notes:

Hour 1: The Ed Rudel / Cal Carson Show

with Capt. Gary Baker aboard the Shared Adventure in Ft. Lauderdale, FL



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  1. In case you or colleagues are following Facebook’s announcement today that users will soon be able to opt out of one of Facebook’s key data gathering practices: the collection and use of people’s web browsing history, which the company uses to sell targeted ads. Facebook is getting the message that privacy and transparency are important to Facebook users and Internet users in general. Giving users the ability to identify and manage which sites are tracking information about them shows that Facebook is actively taking positive steps to protect user privacy. Time will tell, but this may help Facebook overcome the shadow of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

  2. The evolution of the iPad  

  3. Amazon announced a new delivery option for Prime members with the unveiling of it’s in-car delivery option. The new service which will launch across 37 cities in the US will allow Prime subscribers with GM or Volvo vehicles to have their orders delivered to their car. In order to access the new option, members will have to download the Amazon Key app and include a detailed description of their vehicle, with license plate, to allow the Amazon couriers to locate it. Once they have located the vehicle, couriers request access to the vehicle which customers grant through the app (and the required active OnStar or Volvo on Call account), deliver the goods and then leave once the car is locked. Over 7 million cars in the US will be eligible for the new Amazon service according to GM and Volvo.
  4. Caston came up with this one: Ford and Domino’s Enter a Partnership to Deliver Pizzas using Self-Driving Cars.  A while ago I told about Domino’s deployment autonomous robots to deliver pizza.  Now taking it a step further with a partnership with Ford. Companies partnering on research that will use Ford’s self-driving cars to deliver pizza. Ford using Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Cars. WILL see how people react to receiving pizzas via self-driving cars. NOT the first time partnered – Domino’s built a system of ordering pizza’s using SYNC. Let’s see how this goes.
  5. Google is launching an Android chat service to replace SMS.  


  7. 5-take-aways from Apple from apples 2nd quarter results 

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Show Notes:

Hour 2: Open Line Spring/Summer Schedule 6-7 PM Call 800 859-0957


During the second hour we gather all the Tech expertise of our team  Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Gary Baker and Caston Thomas to answer questions that our listeners call in with. Don’t forget that this is our spring/summer schedule 6-7 PM.
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Google Brings Advanced Protection’s Security Features To Apple’s Mobile Apps

Cambridge Analytica Closing   – But I also heard that they may be starting under a new company name – Emerdata


Kraig Labs Approved To Make Spider Silk In Vietnam –Used By US Army


Mike Brennan is a seasoned tech reporter who has seen it all.  Now he is concentrating his focus on Michigan and the booming tech cycle that has begun around the self-driving vehicles.

Don’t forget that you can catch Mike and Matt Roush for their M2 TechCast every Monday from 2-3 PM EDT on the Podcastdetroit.com Network.

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