Podcast 1821 5-26-18 Happy Memorial Day Girls Solve IT

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Show Notes

Hour 1 : Tech Roundtable with Cal and Foster

Ooooops! Watch your mouth around Alexa

A Portland family’s private conversations were recorded by their Amazon Echo smart speaker and emailed to a random phone contact of the father in an incident that has given fresh life to concerns that popular smart speakers are recording more than their owners realize.
The Oregon family contacted Amazon to investigate after a private conversation in their home was recorded by their Amazon Echo — the voice-controlled smart speaker — and the recorded audio was sent to the phone of someone in Seattle who was in the father’s contact list, they told a local TV station.
When it’s turned on, Amazon’s voice recognition program is constantly listening for its “wake word,” the word that tells the system to pay attention. Alexa has four — Alexa, Echo. Amazon or Computer, but the default is Alexa unless the user changes it.
After it hears the wake word, it starts sending the conversation to the cloud, where it’s recorded and translated for Alexa to respond to.

Show Notes

Hour 2: Girl Solve IT

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Our studios were a happy place to be this weekend with lots of bright-eyed girls who are participating in the final Quest of the Girls Solve IT challenge.

Behold the Tornadobots lead by their teacher Mrs. Wegrzyn (on left) also pictured are teammates Arini Sahas Shah, Anika Sahas Shah, Josie Pachla (member of other team), Cal Carson (Grabbin’ the limelight) and Gargi Shah (MCWT member and Ford Engineer






BoomShakaLaka is the title this group of young ladies along including : Gargi Shah is both a proud Ford IT Mgr. and a devoted mom to her future IT Pro’s Arini and Anika. Josie Pachla (dad Mark in picture while mom Carey Pachla, MCWT board president, is not pictured ).






For the Pullah’s Girls Solve IT is a family affair with big sister Saanvi Pullala leading the way.

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computer-nerdTrusted Local Computer Repair Shops 

These local computer shops have been recommended by you the listeners for good, honest service and reasonable costs.  Let us know your favorite local computer shop so we can share it with your neighbors and friends.


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