Podcast 1820 5-19-18 The Beginning of the End of Cash

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Show Notes

Hour 1: Tech Roundtable

The Decline of Money

Decade by decade, America has been inching closer to a fully cashless society.
This week our nation took a giant leap closer to that goal with the May 14th announcement by the tax collector of Seminole County, Florida, that as of this summer Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments will be accepted by the county to pay taxes and state licensing fees.  Seminole County is an area with a population of approximately one-half million people.The county’s decision to go crypto potentially translates to hundreds of thousands of new cryptocurrency users.
Good idea or bad?
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The Great Debate: Yanny or Laurel

Click on the audio file attached here. preferably with a group of friends, and ask each one what they hear.  The results may shock you.  We are still trying to find out why people here different words.  The sound file was allegedly created by Vocabulary.com to help with the pronunciation of the word “Laurel” . More to come next week, May 26.

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Mike Brennan joined in as a full tech commentator this honor as we recognize his 36 + years reporting on technology around the country but primarily in Michigan.  He is the editor of MiTechNews, a twice weekly news source on all things related to technology and entrepreneurship in Michigan.  Subscribe to MiTechNews simply by going to MiTechCast.com  and entering your email. It’s free.  Don’t miss Mike’s other excellent tech talkshow M2TechCast which he cohosts with seasoned radio host Matt Roush on the PodcastDetroit.com network, heard live every Monday from 2-4 PM EDT

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Show Notes:

Hour 2: Guest and Live Call ins at 800 859-0957



Rebecca Bray, Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation President and CSO, Epitec joined us in studio to talk about 

the upcoming MCWT 2018 Executive Connection Summit on Thursday, May 31 at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Detroit. The event is presented by MCWT and sponsored by FCA US LLC, Ford Motor Company, and GM.

The Executive Connection Summit will bring together more than 800 IT leaders, professionals, students and technologists from a wide range of industries to learn and network. This year’s theme is Artificial Intelligence (AI)and how it will affect IT careers, the way we do business, and how we work together. Regardless of industry, AI will present challenges and opportunities to today’s way of thinking about work, value, and talent.  The summit will also explore how leading from an innovation mindset can be a driver of organizational success.
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Welcome Network Affiliates




Grand Rapids

Sun 1p-2p





Sun 2p-4p





Sun 12p-1p






Sat 4p-6p,

Sun 12p-2p

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computer-nerdTrusted Local Computer Repair Shops 

These local computer shops have been recommended by you the listeners for good, honest service and reasonable costs.  Let us know your favorite local computer shop so we can share it with your neighbors and friends.


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