Podcast 1813: Happy Easter Open Line plus Girls in ICT and Preempting Hackers

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Show  Notes:

Hour 1  Open Lines

During the first hour we reconnected with our audience and hopefully lit a lamp in the memories of our faithful listeners who come to us with their questions including: Updating Win 10 on a lame tablet that deserves to be junked and a woman with a magnetic personality whose very presence causes the machines to crash!!! Never a dull moment on the Open Line shows.
Be sure to catch both hours on our podcasts on Sunday night!

MiTechNews Headlines March 31, 2018

MISBDC’s Small Business, Big Threat,

LTU’s Game-Programming Events,

IoT TechConnect’s VIP Reception

Listen to Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on their podcast: M2 TechCast, LIVE at their new time, Mondays at 2-3 PM on PodcastDetroit Network.

 Video Asset   IoTTechConnect, Why You Should Attend

MiTechNews final edition

Listen to Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on their podcast: M2 TechCast, LIVE at their new time, Mondays at 2-3 PM on PodcastDetroit Network.

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Show Notes

Hour 2: Getting Girls Into IT



Richard Bush  Dean, College of Information Technology for Baker College lead the discussion on the upcoming Girls in IT Day in April . This year’s Baker College International Girls in ICT event will run from six of our campuses across Michigan, on the same day and at the same time.

This year the girls building a small flying drone or small robotic car, installing the program code on the kit and operating the drone or car.  They will learn to modify the program code and test the changes in the operation of the drone or car.  The girls will learn about cyber security and hacks in the afternoon when the instructors will hack a few of the drones or cars to take control of them to emphasize the importance of security.  To close the day, the girls will present to their peers what they learned that day.

Kris Barann, President, Baker College of Allen Park joined the conversation as did….





Cindy Swiantek, Vice President of Sales, VisionPRO and MCWT Membership Lead.  The Michigan Council of Women in Technology have long been supporters of these excellent programs and provide mentors from across a wide range of tech companies.



For Further Information or to enroll your young woman in the Girls in ICT Day

Email Richard Bush at rbush08@baker.edu

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Oren J. Falkowitz is the founder and CEO of Area 1 Security,a Silicon Valley, a cloud-based cybersecurity firm that stops phishing. Prior, Oren served as the Chief Data Scientist at the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command. Oren is a former NSA hacker (for good).
“Attackers could trigger a breakdown in the systems that keep societies functioning. In other words, we’ve moved far beyond hackers playing tic-tac-toe, defacing websites, and stealing passwords and credit card numbers,” warns Oren.
Oren shares how accountability in cybersecurity is virtually non-existent. Despite billions of dollars spent worldwide on cybersecurity solutions, our very existence in cyberspace is now more precarious than ever. Recently, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Risks Landscape 2018 ranked cyber attacks alongside extreme weather events and the prospect of nuclear war as the most likely and dangerous risks threatening the stability of society. This is even more astonishing when you consider that, of all the global risks, cybersecurity is one of the few we have control over.
“Most cybersecurity companies act like a police force. When there’s a crime, they’re called in to try and solve it. But that’s not good enough.They need to start acting like bodyguards instead.In their line of work, if a crime has been committed, a bodyguard has failed. Their approach is to prevent the crime in the first place, and that preemptive posture is one that every cybersecurity company needs to adopt.
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computer-nerdTrusted Local Computer Repair Shops 

These local computer shops have been recommended by you the listeners for good, honest service and reasonable costs.  Let us know your favorite local computer shop so we can share it with your neighbors and friends.


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